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Setlist: 道玄坂裏DJの会 Jul. 29, 2016 [Set Lists]

1. Tenderly: Lynn Hope (Aladdin)
2. Mr. Lucky: The Billy Cook Trio (Wirl, JA)
3. I'll Remember April: Cecil Lloyd, Lloyd Mason & Roland Alphonso (Port-O-Jam, JA)
4. Channel II (7'): Hersang Combo (Gaydisc, JA)

5. Jordhu: Carribean Swing Band (Honest Jons, UK)
6. Massa Johnnie: Lili Verona w/ Mike McKenzie's All Stars (New Cross, UK)
7. Taboo (7'): Cyril X Diaz and His Orchestra (Cook)

9. Well, I Done Got over It: Guiter Slim (Speciality)
10. Hey Now Baby: Professor Longhair (Atlantic, JPN)
11. You Don't Move Me No More: Big Mama Thornton (Ace, UK)
12. 9th Word Blues: Fats Domino (Ace, UK)

13. Chuggin' : Lee Allen and His Band (Collectables)
14. Bopsody in Blues (7') : Edgar Blanchard & The Gondoliers (RIC)
15. Someday: Smiley Lewis (Stateside, UK)
16. Java: Allen Tousaint (Edsel, UK)

17. Desifinado: Duke Harris (Federal, JA)
18. Mambo Metronome: Rupert Clemendore & His Band (Cook)
19. Nap Voye Bayo: Nemours-Jean Baptiste (IBO)
20. Mambo Contempo: Ginger Johnson (Honest Jons, UK)

21. Strolling: Lennie Hibbert (Studio One, JA)
22. Higher Sight: Roland Alphonso (Studio One, JA)
23. Tunnel One: Tommy McCook (Studio One)
24. Hot Milk: Jackie Mittoo (Studio One, JA)

25. Feel Like Dancing: Gladstone Anderson &Mudies All Stars (Moodisc, JA)
26. Nightfall: The Jolly Boys (Cooking Vinyl, UK)


Setlist: Feb. 26, 2016 道玄坂裏DJの会 [Set Lists]


Cold Sweat: Mongo Santamaria (Columbia)
Side Steppin': James Taylor Quartet (Ubiquity)
Jelly Jam: Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet)

The Bird: Jimmy McGriff (Groove Merchant)
Up on The Hill: Monk Higgins & The Specialties (United Artists)
Crazy Mary: Gene Ammons (Prestige)

Move Your Hand: Lonnie Smith (Blue Note)
You Should've Listened: Black Heat (Atlantic)
Freedom Jazz Dance: Klaus Doldinger Passport feat. Brian Auger (Atco, GER)

Dujii: Kool & The Gang (De-lite)
Wedding Bell Blues: Richard Groove Holmes & Ernie Watts (Pacific Jazz)
Right On: Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers (Atlantic)

Never Gonna Give You Up: The Soulful Strings (Cadet)


Setlist: 道玄坂裏DJの会 May. 28, 2015 [Set Lists]

May 29 2015 Setlist

Cold Sweat: Mongo Santamaria (Columbia)
Up on the Hill: Monk Higgins & The Specialties (United Artists)
Cotton Carnival: Bill Black's Combo (Spring Board)

Jerry Jam: Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet)
The Chicken: James Brown Band (King)
The Worm: Jimmy McGriff (Solid State)

Crazy Mary: Gene Ammons (Prestige)
Right On: Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers (Atlantic)
Get It Up For Love: The Mob (Private Rock)

Sea Saw: Cesar 830 (Flying Dutchman)
Free: The Fabulous Rhinestones (Just Sunshine)
Wedding Bell Blues: Ernie Watts & Richard Groove Holmes (World Pacific)

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Just a Little Bit of Your Soul: 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ (File, JPN)
Turkish Bath (7'): Don Ellis Orchestra (Columbia)

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